For Sale

Property Details

G/F village house with potential located in a quiet and tranquil village in Mui Wo. Featuring 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a separate kitchen and a well utilized under stairs area for plenty of storage. Balcony for entertainment. Close to the popular hiking trails and waterfalls. Short bike ride to the wet-market, bus terminus and the children’s park. 10 minutes bike ride to the ferry pier. Get out of the hustle and bustle and enjoy being close to nature!

HS Ref: 8395 (25.09.23)

Property Features

  • Interior

    2 Bedrooms
    1 Bathroom
    Separate Kitchen
    Vast Under Stairs Storage

  • Exterior

    Balcony (70 SQFT)
    Tranquil Village
    Hiking Trails & Waterfalls Nearby